Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What is new, it is a must to try! PASTéLLO, the art of dining is coming to town, giving you the new culinary experience. PASTéLLO serves "Good Food, Good Service, and Good Price" in your dream restaurant.

PASTéLLO is located in the biggest mall in Central Java. It is in Plaza Ambarrukmo Lt.3 Blok A 16 Yogyakarta Phone: +62 274 4331189, Fax: +62 274 587405. For you the hangout lovers, just come to PASTéLLO the art of dining.

PASTéLLO serves you with it's special Western and Oriental Menu, and also the choices of pasta: Beef Caswary, Beef Lyonaise, and Chicken Hunter. And don't forget to try our fresh drinks PASTéLLO Blue Style.

Celebrating birthday, gathering, reunion, or other celebration? Just come to PASTéLLO. It's good food and good service will impress you.


* Food: IDR 7,500 - IDR 32,000
* Drink: IDR 3,500 - IDR 11,000

Plaza Ambarrukmo Lt. 3 Blok A16 Yogyakarta
Phone: +62 274 4331189
Fax: +62 274 587405

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Thursday, July 12, 2007
Borobudur Sunrise

Admiring the grandeur of Borobudur at day and seeing details of each statue and stones with relief of the constructors is something that people from around the world are longing to do. However, not many people realize that Borobudur also has other unique view, namely the scenery of the beautiful rising sun that blows the statue of Buddha sitting cross-legged at the peak of the temple that was constructed in the ninth century.

If you never experience it before, trying to color the coming of the new life in the beginning of the year will become an unforgettable experience. The rising sun with its bright light will at least encourage you to live the life one year ahead, and for sure it becomes a remembrance that wisdom or nirvana symbolized by the peak of this temple is the main destination of your life.

In order to enjoy the scenery of the sunrise, you can stay at Manohara hotel in the complex of Borobudur temple since evening. Alternatively, you may join Borobudur Sunrise package offered by some tour agencies. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter the temple complex and you will miss the sunrise, since the entrance gate of this tourism object is only open at around 07:30a.m.

If you stay at Maonhara, you can start climbing Borobodur temple at any time to enjoy the sunrise. However, hotel management and some tour agencies usually lead you to go to the peak of Borobodur at 03:00 a.m. in order for you to have enough time to reach the peak on foot and you do not have to wait too long for the sunrise. The rise of the sun can usually be enjoyed at around 05:00a.m. It suggested that you wear your coat to expel the cold weather and to bring flashlight for lighting.

Once the sky in the east begins to shine, you are ready to see the movement of the sunrise. Once the reddish yellow light emerges, it means dawn has come in the peak of Borobudur symbolizing nirvana. Uniqueness of watching sunrise in Borobodur is that the sun seems to emerge in between two mountains, namely Merapi as one of the most active mountains in the world and Merbabu that is often said to be its twin.

When Merapi is active and the fog does not cover it, you will be able to see glowing magma pouring out of the mountain directing to the upper reaches of Krasak River. The bright red color of magma will look so bright in contrast with the dark sky. Last January 2006, tens of tourists enjoyed this view and during the increased activity of Merapi lately, you have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Another scenery that is not less interesting is the villages around Borobudur that you will see when looking down. Agriculture and culture that currently are living in those villages will help you imagine the condition of the villages around the temple during the construction of this temple. If thick fog covers your view, you can still see tall, green trees emerge from the surface of the fog. The movement of the rising sun can also be observed from the light intense blowing the Buddha statue. The higher the sun, the brighter the Buddha statue will look, changing its black color to bright gray. If you take quite good camera to take pictures, you can record the moment when the light of the sun begins to blow Buddha statue and make part of the statue brighter compared to other part.

When the sun begins to burn your skin, it signals that you should descend the temple. However, you need not worry, you can still walk around the villages around Borobudur temple that previously was only seen from the top. Some villages are determined to become tourism village. You can see the activities of people such as farming, producing potteries, sculpturing statues and others. Your presence in the villages at least brings hopes for local people currently that live more difficult life.

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